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Freeborn, MN

Reliance is a great company to partner with. They have awesome customer service. Big enough to compete with the national companies yet small enough to know you by name and treat you as a partner. The handheld iPod units have more than doubled our revenue. We allow the inmates to always have them whenever they aren’t charging. Giving them the ability to speak with friends and family at almost any time really helps control their behavior. The investigative tools are easy to use and we get a lot of investigative data from these devices.

Hamilton, IA

We are in a small county jail in central Iowa and have had Reliance as our phone, phone card, and texting device provider for at least ten years. We are very pleased with their products, product training, customer service (for all aspects: our county jail, inmates, their family and friends), their response time on issues is phenomenal. You are able, to speak with a live person not a voice automated system. Their employees have great ethics, morals, and longevity: they do not try to represent for another company when they are working for Reliance. I have nothing but good things to say about Reliance. They may not be the biggest company out there, but they keep their promise and do what they say they will do, and give you 100 percent.

Chippewa, MN

We love the ipods from Reliance Telephone – or “texters” as the inmates refer to them. They meet most of the communication needs of the inmates with texting, calling and video calling available. We’re getting our law library installed on there as well as inmate handbook and will be adding the ability for inmates to send “kites” via email. The threat of losing their devices make inmates much more compliant as they feel it is the life line to the outside for them. Convenience and inmate control make this a must have for every jail!

Yellow Medicine, MN

I’ve worked with Dave, Sally and Dan for over 22 years. Reliance has been a great company to work with. The customer service we receive from the staff is amazing. The phones and I-pods have worked very well for us. If you’re looking for a company to team up with, team up with Reliance.


I have been working with Reliance since 2003. In that time the service has been outstanding. When we have issues, Reliance is prompt in helping us out in getting the issues resolved very quickly. Dave and his staff are very friendly and a pleasure to work with. I would tell anyone that Reliance is a great company, and I am personally very happy we have them for our services.

Renville, MN

If your jail does not have texting now, you are missing out on revenue and also missing out on the best preventative disciplinary tool there is. Our investigators really like how the text messages are printed out and how the key word search saves them time. I sincerely believe that the combination of texting and Reliance Telephone is the best combination possible. I can say that because I do my due diligence and to date, I have found no one better. Not even close.

Renville, MN

When I added texting to my jail, I admit that I had primarily revenue in mind. However, what I have gained is so much more valuable than the fantastic revenue we receive. My jail is more quiet as many inmates choose to communicate with their loved ones. First time inmates are more calm. Basic information such as the law library, PREA information and the Inmate Handbook are available. But the hidden gem is that texting has become the single biggest disciplinary tool I have ever had. Often times just the mention that a certain behavior may cause the inmate to loose external communication via texting and they become compliant and calm.

Renville, MN

I have had the privilege of partnering with Reliance Telephone since our new jail was built in 2008. Reliance Telephone was chosen for a number of reasons, but what has impressed me the most has been their performance in delivering what they say they will deliver and even more. With everything jails are facing in today’s climate, the one thing I can take to the bank is the honesty and integrity of Reliance Telephone. These folks genuinely care about inmates, their families, my jail and my staff. Part of that performance is service and Reliance Telephone has not forgotten what good service is and they provide it.

Itasca, MN

What I like best about the texting devices is that the other inmates are too busy to ask me questions when I visit the one inmate about a problem in the day room.

Green Lake, WI

We have been in partnership with Reliance Telephone for over 2 years now and we are extremely happy. The customer service is awesome! We are pleased with the IPOD and phone systems, as it gives our inmates another resource to use so they can reach out to family and friends. It was definitely a great tool to have during the COIVD pandemic as the inmates were able to stay in touch via video with family or friends. Thank you Reliance Telephone and everyone who works there!

Itasca, MN

Itasca County Jail has been using Reliance Telephone for all the jail communications needs since 1994, that’s’ 27 plus years of service. With Reliance Telephone we get a small local style business with great staff and support. I know I can reach out to any staff member or the owner and they will take the time to address any concerns I have. Itasca looks forward to another 27 years of service from Reliance Telephone.

Sawyer, WI

We have been with Reliance Telephone since November of 2020 and couldn’t be happier. Our revenues have significantly increased, the ability to obtain evidentiary information for investigations, and the positive change with inmate behavior are just a few of the wonderful benefits we’ve received with Reliance Telephone. Top notch customer service too!

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