Facility Information

Facility Information

Inmates really like the texting device and most prefer to use it over the telephone. With telephones, they have to wait in line at times and have little privacy talking in front of other inmates. Many inmates have shared that their greatest benefit with texting is the ability to reach their children. Kids don’t like to answer phones anymore and most prefer to communicate via text. With texting, their incarcerated parents can send a message to them at any time. They also have the ability to text employers and easily stay in contact with the rest of the world.

Friends and family prefer texting because it is easier and less expensive to stay in touch with the inmate. Inmates are provided five free text messages to request money from family and friends to add to their inmate wallet account. All inmates have a wallet account on the Reliance website after the inmate is provided with a texting device and telephone number. Texting enables more friends and family members to stay in touch with the inmate at a much less expensive price. Making payments is easy to do online by selecting the jail and inmate on our website.

The investigators are just as happy as the inmates, jail staff, and friends and family. They are solving more crimes in a fraction of the effort that was used for other communication information. The powerful search tools allow the investigators to search 1000s of records in seconds. Search by inmate, date, time, text recipient, word, phrases, telephone numbers and more. Even though the inmates know that all texting is recorded, they are still sending prosecutable information through their text messages.

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