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Reliance Inmate Texting is a patented technology that is different from all other messaging systems deployed by other inmate communication providers. Our text messaging is instant messaging just like your personal telephone except it is operated and controlled on a secure private Wi-Fi network that we furnish. Each inmate is provided with an inmate-proof texting device and case. All inmates are assigned their own device and a ten digit telephone number. Messages are sent and received instantaneously. The correctional facility has complete control over who gets a texting device and what restrictions and rules apply. All messages are recorded. Reliance Systems provides the investigative software tools to search, sort and export.

Reliance Inmate Texting is a standalone system. The correctional facility can have a seperate telephone contract with another vendor and still use Reliance Inmate Texting. Telephones and texting are not dependent on each other and can run independently. Reliance Systems provides the Wi-Fi network and the software to allow access via the web to assign, un-assign, turn on, turn off, set schedules, review status, and block telephone numbers on our texting devices. Our software allows the ability to search by date, time, inmate name, contact name, friends and relatives who made payments, and words or phrases in the message. All of these features are helpful to investigators.

All inmates are assigned a texting device with a ten digit telephone number. The texting device requires the inmate to digitally sign the User Agreement. This agreement can be changed to meet your facility’s specific needs and by default, will state that your facility has ultimate authority on the use of the texting device. Immediately after the agreement is signed, the inmate can use the free five solicitation messages that are provided every day to every inmate. After the friend or family member responds to the web link sent in the solicitation message and funds the account, the inmate is able to send and receive messages. Very similar to an iPhone, the inmate has their own contact list and history detail. Payments are automated through our web site and your facility doesn’t manage any money. We have an inmate support site for the inmates to reach us via their texting device. We also provide support for the staff at your faciility and friends and family members by email and telephone.

Reliance Inmate Texting generates more revenue than inmate telephones. Every inmate is assigned their own texting device with their own 10 digit telephone number. The inmate averages about $100.00/month in texting revenue or about $3.35/day. The inmate pays $0.09/text. The inmate texting devices are provided to use for free, without rental fees of any kind.

Patent Numbers:    US9020115    US9871548    US10082835    US10085126    US10236929


Reliance has developed six patents to protect the use of the wireless technology’s hardware, software, and operations in the jail environment. Reliance is the only company in the world that uses a messaging device comprising of a Wi-Fi radio that communicates a message associated with a unique telephone number. Each inmate is assigned their own telephone number that sends and receives the text messages directly with all cellular carriers, such as Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, etc. Thus, each text message is transmitted and received just as it would if it came from your Smartphone.

Reliance designed this wireless technology to eliminate telephones, kiosks, visitation booths, and other wall-mounted communication devices. All of the services you have used with the wall-mounted equipment are available on this one device. This includes texting, video calls, visitations, telephone calls, grievances, commissary, PREA, and any media content you need to use in your facility; making your jail completely paperless. Every inmate gets a device to use for free.

Reliance will guarantee in writing that we will double or triple your revenue. We also guarantee that your inmate behavior will improve drastically. You will be amazed by the positive results when inmates can have their own personal device with a dedicated telephone number.

The bottom line is that Reliance has patented this technology. We are the only source for this wireless design. We would appreciate the opportunity to explain the technology and its benefits to you.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Dave Hangsleben, CEO


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